Our Mission

Our association was established for contributing to the formation and development of a healthy generation. Physically and spiritually healthy generation makes a country as strong. The basis of a healthy generation is thrown in the mother’s womb, it continues in the family, develops in society, rivets with education. Our one of prior aims is to educate community, especially mothers, about public health, safe motherhood, and maternal and child health. In addition, another goal is to remove young people from all negativity, break bad habits and create a qualified and educated workforce. Furthermore, we purpose to seek solutions to the health and social problems of the elderly, who have contributed to the development of healthy generations with their experience.

It is among our objectives to carry out services related to the care of the elderly. To contribute to people, who are in health community education, by supporting them with scholarships and scientific activities during the training is one of our most important goals. Finally, because it is important that the health system of the country should be high quality, profitable and accessible for healthy generations, it is our duty to make suggestions and research in this field.