2. International Home Health Services Congress

Home care services, which are organized intensively and successfully in developed countries, have been on the agenda of our country for a while. Although our national values require looking at our adults and our patients, the busy work time sometimes causes us to have to stay away from this beautiful work. As such, home care became a necessity. Therefore, The Regulation on Home Care Services, published in 2005, is an effort of the Ministry of Health to keep the issue in a legal and specific way.

Our ministry has also started to provide home health services. Quickly, home health services units were opened all over the country and the teams started to serve successfully.

In April, our associations organized the 1st International Home Health Services Congress with the support of our Ministry of Health. Although it was the first, there was a very nice congress in which 1600 people attended, and all sessions were full.

2nd International Home Health Services Congress was held on 14-18 March 2012 in Antalya. The Ministry of Health, universities, World Health Organization, relevant public institutions and organizations, private sector organizations will be contacted, and a rich content was created.

We are expecting all your contributions, suggestions and criticisms about the subject and we are pleased to invite you to the 3rd International Home Health Congress.


24 – 26 Kasım 2011

The purpose of the congress is to explain the importance and effectiveness of medical social services to the patients, to determine how much they need medical social services and to solve their problems with the light of scientific studies and application examples and also to share the experiences from foreign countries about same issues, so to apply the knowledge and experiences of all relevant people, institutions and organizations for the establishment of the medical social service policy of our country.

That organization was planned by the Association of Healthy Generations and the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Family and Social Policies, Universities, AÇSAP, SHÇEK, Administration for Disabled People, General Directorate on the Status of Women, Foundation for Social Assistance and Solidarity, Family Research Institution, United Nations, SSI and similar institutions were cooperated with our organization.

We are waiting for the cooperation and participation of academicians, health managers and all the related parties in order to ensure the successful realization of the 1st International Medical Service Congress which is planned to be held in Antalya on 24 – 26 November 2011 and to achieve the intended benefit.


The 1st International Home Health Services Congress which was carried out by the Ministry of Health under the Health Transformation Program was held on 8-9 April 2011 in Antalya.

With the support of the Ministry of Health, Home Health Services Association and Healthy Generations Association were carried out congress and various institutions and organizations, public hospitals, private hospitals, home care units, local governments and non-governmental organizations were attended to it.

Our Mission

Our association was established for contributing to the formation and development of a healthy generation. Physically and spiritually healthy generation makes a country as strong. The basis of a healthy generation is thrown in the mother’s womb, it continues in the family, develops in society, rivets with education. Our one of prior aims is to educate community, especially mothers, about public health, safe motherhood, and maternal and child health. In addition, another goal is to remove young people from all negativity, break bad habits and create a qualified and educated workforce. Furthermore, we purpose to seek solutions to the health and social problems of the elderly, who have contributed to the development of healthy generations with their experience.

It is among our objectives to carry out services related to the care of the elderly. To contribute to people, who are in health community education, by supporting them with scholarships and scientific activities during the training is one of our most important goals. Finally, because it is important that the health system of the country should be high quality, profitable and accessible for healthy generations, it is our duty to make suggestions and research in this field.

Founding Member

Born in Kars in 1965, Enginer BİRDAL completed his primary and secondary education in Kars Subatan village and his high school education in Susuz County  High School. In 1990, he graduated from Erzurum Atatürk University Faculty of Education, Department of Chemistry and completed his masters degree in Management Information Systems at Ahmet Yesevi University.

 Mr.Birdal  studied in many fields such as Microsoft Systems Engineering, A.B Cmoment, JSI Health Organizations Accreditation Standard, Quality Education, Health Business Management.

Between 1980 and 2002, he both managed his education and business life together.

Birdal, who started public services in 1998, has worked as a Science Teacher in the Primary School of Subatan County of Kars, affiliated to the Ministry of National Education.

In 2003, he was appointed as the executive assistant at the Ministry of National Education.

In 2006, he served as Department Head at the Ministry of Health, Chief of Cabinet of the Minister of Health and Minister’s Consultant.

Mr.Birdal, who also undertakes duties in non-governmental organizations, has a very important mission in the studies of determining the National Occupational Standards of Hospital Cleaning Staff in our country with the Healthy Generations Association.

Mr.BIRDAL, the founding member of the Health Tourism Association, organized many conferences, symposiums and seminars on the development of Health Tourism and its contributions to our country.

He is married and has four children

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